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We aim to provide a platform for hassle free and transparent counseling & process guidance for prospective students in Nepal. If you are planning to do your Bachelors, MSc, MBA, or even PhD, don't keep wondering about your chances of getting through to university or which program to prefer.

Reasons to study in the UK!

Top 1% Universities in the World!
UK global education hub, the UK is home to some of the top ranked universities worldwide spanning a wide array of professional courses to choose from
Get a full time Masters’ Degree in 1 Year!

The UK provides you with an excellent opportunity to finish off your degree faster as they offer 1 year post graduation.

Countless job opportunities!

One of the top global superpowers in the world, the UK shelters top talents from across the world into various domains & specializations!

Affordable Tuition Fee in globally ranked universities!

Top class education at the most affordable rates, in a diversely inclusive English speaking country! What more can you ask for?

Two Years Post Study Work Permit!

Upon completion of your education, get a stayback opportunity for 2 years where you can explore innumerable opportunities to harness your dreams!

Work Part Time While Studying!
Use your free time to earn a few quick bucks or work in your domain of interest to have hands-on experience for 20 Hours/Week.

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Get Admitted in UK's Top Universities

We can provide you every possible help to choose the perfect university in the UK that suits your career goals. With our expertise in UK admissions, getting you admitted to the top universities will be really easy.

Reasons to study in the UK through Ample!

Free 1-on-1 Professional Counseling!
Our UK experts ensure your entire process is taken care of with diligence, right from your university shortlisting to your student visa, entirely for free!
University Representation
We have officially tied up with our partners & universities to ensure you get what you need at your fingertips!
Applications on Priority!
Our Personalized screening of quality profiles & our assurance to ensure we stand are valued immensely by the Universities, ensuring we get a faster processing time.
Application Fee Waiver!
Earn the privilege of being granted application fee waivers to almost all the universities when applying through us!

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